The Weight of Everything on Kuula, instead of Matterport

For art galleries, Kuula tour looks much better than the Matterport tour, with richer colors, and more dynamic range. Compare those redwing blackbirds to Matterport where they’re basically all black. Doing the photography with the Ricoh Theta Z1 instead of the Matterport Pro camera came in handy, because the images are available on the Z1 so you can download them and try out different 3D tour platforms. I was able to adjust the images in Lightroom before sending them off to other platforms.

Matterport is still the best for real estate, but without having access to the images, or to how images are processed, Matterport is not the best for galleries.

Here’s the link to the tour in a separate new page.

Next: Benaco, a London-based 3D tour outfit.