The Weight of Everything – 3D virtual tour using Metareal Stage

Metareal is a Canada-based 3D virtual tour company, headquartered in Magog, a town near Montreal.

The virtual tour world runs the gamut from simple slide shows arranged to show a house, to connected panoramas which give a vague impression of three dimensions, to actual 3D virtual tours, which give the feeling of walking through a space. Metareal Stage is a true 3D virtual tour app. This web app is interesting because most such apps automate the process of stitching together panoramas, but in Metareal Stage you have to do this yourself.

It’s a bit tedious, but it’s not that bad, and it gives a lot of insight into how these apps work. As you’re building your space, Stage gives you tools to line up corners and walls so you can see the transition from one pano to the other as you’re building it. The finished product runs smoothly and convincingly.

Like most of these apps they have tags which accept multimedia and rich text. Editing this tour took me a while, but that’s because I was learning the ropes. However it is more complicated than Kuula, since the editing is spread out functionally rather than all in one place.

It’s a very small company right now, but on their Careers page, they’re a bunch of people. One request they have is for an AI/Deep Learning developer, so maybe they’ll be automating the stitching process at some point.