Real Estate Video Test with iPhone XS

I was going to compare iPhone XS footage to Fujifilm X-E2 footage, but I screwed up the X-E2 run, so that comparison will have to wait. Meanwhile, this XS footage looks alright. I left the iPhone on full auto, so auto focus, auto exposure, and auto white balance, and you can tell. Most of the windows get blown out, there are color variations while moving between some of the rooms, and some of the incandescent lights have a weird blown out orange look.

Overall I like the look of the XS video, it just has a beautiful, creamy look, in my view. The iPhone sports a Sandmarc Wide Lens, and I put it on a Snoppa Atom stabilizer, but then I noticed I apparently wobble left to right when walking, so I stabilized it again in DaVinci Resolve. So it’s pretty smooth, but I think it’s best to practice walking smoothly rather than try to fix it in post.

Many thanks to Harry Danz, with Beazer Homes next to UT Dallas. This is one of their model homes, and he’s been letting me practice with photography and videography.