Mark Messersmith: The Weight of Everything – at the Valley House Gallery

This 3D tour was done with the Richoh Theta Z1. It’s a beautiful show by artist Mark Messersmith at the Valley House Gallery, hard to do it justice in photos. But it’s growing on me, the overall look if you stand back… virtually stand back and see how the whole gallery looks, it gives a good feel for that.

Mark Messersmith: The Weight of Everything – Valley House Gallery

The original is washed out looking, because Matterport software is tuned for real estate, where lighting is expected to be bright and even. Galleries throw it off, so I ran it through MPEmbed, which has some filters that let me reduce the exposure, increase the contrast, and bump up the saturation. That brings it closer to what the art really looks like.

Still, I may ask if I can do it again with the Matterport Pro instead of the Z1, and resolve some of the problems I’m seeing here. These shots were all done at 4 ft high, which is the recommended real estate tripod height. But for paintings, being higher up would give less glare. Really I think I’d like to do each painting at 3 heights: 2ft, 4ft, and 6ft. The Matterport Pro is a better camera than the Z1 too.

For the pieces with sculptural work, I’d like to do a stepwise walkup instead of the recommended 6-8 ft between scans. That way as you walk up, you can see more of the 3D nature of it.