Before and After: Subtle, Hand Crafted HDR Enhances Real Estate Photos Without Distracting – Part 6

Part of the fun of real estate photography is High Dynamic Range (HDR) post processing to make a photo look more like what your eye saw when you were taking the photo. Sometimes you can do automated HDR on a photo, and it can look okay, but if you make a set of different exposures and composite the final image from that set, you can often get a much better pic. This usually gives a more subtle effect, without the fringing you sometimes get with automated HDR. Here are some examples, which also show lens distortion correction, straightening, keystone elimination, and tonal adjustment.

This is going to be an ongoing series, and the main text is going to be pretty much the same from post to post on this subject, because I’m going to assume people are seeing this post without having seen the others.

A model home in Frisco. Not much to be done with this one except brighten up the shadows, straighten out the keystone, and level it up.

A home for sale in Plano. It’s pretty dark in the middle, but you don’t want to make it look like something it’s not. I removed the real estate signs though, since those don’t come with the house.

A near-finished home in a new addition in Frisco. This one is mostly straightening, and lightening the shadows, especially to show that beautiful wrought iron front door, but I also cleaned up the yard, which had some trash I had neglected to pick up before shooting.