Before and After: Subtle, Hand Crafted HDR Enhances Real Estate Photos Without Distracting – Part 2

Part of the fun of real estate photography is High Dynamic Range post processing to make a photo look more like what your eye saw when you were taking the photo. Sometimes people take one photo and do automated HDR on it, and it can look okay, but I like to make a set of different exposures and composite the final image from that set. This usually gives a more subtle effect, without the fringing you sometimes get with automated HDR. Here are some examples, which also show lens distortion correction, straightening, keyhole elimination, and tonal adjustment. Indoor shots require bounced flash to even out the light and get true colors.

Bright sunlight causes trouble for this shady porch, but a composite shows it off nicely.

This one is pretty subtle, just using a composite to lighten up the shadows brings out some window detail. Adjusting some basic photo parameters like color and contrast make it pop.

Indoor is more complicated. I usually bounce a flash off the ceiling to lighten up dark corners, and do a window pull so you can see what’s outside instead of bright, washed out windows.

The dining area had a strong blue cast from the sky, so I popped a flash off the ceiling and blended that in to get truer colors. Also used flash to even out the light in the sink area. There’s still some green cast from the grass, but you live and learn.