Aerial Tour of the Old Fish Hatchery Nature Preserve at White Rock Lake in Dallas – 2020-12-20

Kuula is pretty flexible about what you can put into a virtual tour. It’s really more of a 360 pano slideshow with a few geometric features that make it seem tour-like. Matterport builds a virtual 3D model and does a fair job of simulating a walkthrough. Kuula does use GPS coordinates, in this case recorded from the Mavic 2 Pro, so you can show a map with the location of each scan point.

To make this, I set the drone up at about 300 ft above ground level over the Oncor right of way, then used the Panorama feature to make a 360 pano. I moved the drone about 400 ft to the next point and took another pano, and did 8 panos, so that’s about 3,200 ft. from the beginning to the end of the path.

Kuula is just one of many tools available for making tours like this. If you have a large property that needs an interactive aerial tour, give us a call at 469-443-6213, or contact sales at [email protected].