Aerial and ground photo package of vacant property in Buffalo TX

When shooting vacant properties, for the aerial shots I use an automation template, in some software called Litchi, to take photos on the eight compass points at three elevations. I set up the automated flight in Litchi, and then use some other software to view virtual results in Google Earth Pro. Usually it takes several iterations to get the views right, because it depends on the size and shape of the property, and whether it’s vacant or has a house on it.

On site, I run the automated flight, and then I take a few more highlight shots manually. For the automated shots I add approximate property lines if it’s a vacant property, because otherwise it’s almost impossible to tell what you’re looking at when it’s covered with trees.

On the ground, I walk the whole property, noting important features like creeks, elevation changes, drainage, dumps, old structures, etc. I wear snake gaiters and forearm protectors, and carry a machete to hack through the underbrush, or do away with a snake. Haven’t seen any snakes yet, but the locals often mention having seen rattlesnakes, copperheads, and other venomous snakes in the area.

I photograph along the way with a camera that records the GPS location into the EXIF data of each photo. Sometimes I photograph nature, just for myself.